Semi-Automated Small Chemicals Batching System

This high-precision semi-automated small chemicals batching system is independently developed by our company for enterprise users with small quantity but high-precision batching needs and it is applicable to the weighing of powdery, granular and flaky chemicals with a large variety, small quantity of single material and high requirements of weighing accuracy. Compared with the original manual weighing, the most remarkable feature of this system is that it can eliminate the influence of human factors and stabilize the product quality. Meanwhile, this system can also record and print production reports, so that management personnel can make statistics, query the production status, and conduct quality tracking management.

Structural Features

This system consists of electronic scale, storage bins, storage bin drive device, baskets, baskets drive device, feeding platform with staircase and guardrail, dust collector, barcode identification system, control system, management software and on-site weighing display box. It has the features of flexible layout, high reliablity, low one-time investment, low use cost, high weighing accuracy, easy operation, maintenance-free, effective error prevention, environmental protection and etc. The biggest highlight of the system is that the storage bins adopt the design concept of FIFO, which effectively avoids the accumulation of small chemicals.