Z-Type Feeding System (Single-Floor Workshop)

Our company has successfully developed a Z-type feeding system with a more compact structure of single-floor workshop conditions. It uses the state-of-the-art control technology to accurately weigh the materials, which meets the actual needs of users of single-floor workshop. It occupies less space than the scraper feeding sytem, which more reduces the plant investment of mixing plant.

Mai Features

1. It solves the problem of the limited workshop height and avoids the large floor area of scraper type feeding system.

2. Adopt Z-type conveyor to ensure the weighing accuracy and system stability. Simple maintenance.

3. Carbon black/fillers are conveyed in the closed conveyors with good sealing without leakage, which improves the workshop environment.

Z型上辅机系统 流程图-模型(1)_00_副本.png