F270 Mixer Feeding System

One F270 mixer feeding system supplied to Jiangsu Duhow Rubber Co., Ltd. (Donghao Rubber) is put into production in Dec 2011. 

Duhow Rubber is a large compound rubber manufacturer in China, which mainly provides compound rubber for Shanghai Double Coin, Hankook, Zhongce Rubber and other large tire manufacturers. This F270 feeding system designed and manufactured by our company has been used for more than 10 years with good and stable performance.

160E Mixer Feeding System

One 160E mixer feeding system designed and manufactured by our company is put into production in Hebei Zhonghe Jigong Polymer Material Co., Ltd. in Jan 2022. This system is another mixer feeding system after our company built business cooperation with JIGONG in Year 2015. 

Hebei Zhonghe Jigong Polymer Material Co., Ltd. is jointly funded by CHUNGHE Compounding and JIGONG, with its main business of rubber compounding and production base in Hengshui City, Hebei Province. The strong cooperation of the two companies makes the rubber compounding business cover the entire North China region and provides more advantageous products and services for more users.

CHUNGHE Compounding is a well-known domestic enterprise producing rubber compounding with its main business in North China, East China, Southwest and etc.

JIGONG mainly produces high temperature and low pressure oil delivery rubber hoses for the engineering and agricultural machinery. It is the qualified supplier for the Top 50 global engineering and agricultural machinery.

90E Mixer Feeding System and 12+1 Automatic Small Chemicals Weighing System

One 90E mixer feeding system and one 12+1 automatic small chemicals weighing system supplied to Shaanxi Kelong New Materials Technology Co., Ltd is put into production in June 2021.

In 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology releases the List of the First Batch of Specialized New "Small Giants" Enterprises, with a total of 248 enterprises. The leading products of these 248 enterprises cover a wide range, including computers, instruments, rubber and plastics, fibers, pharmaceuticals and etc. There are 9 enterprises in Shaanxi Province in the List, including Shaanxi Kelong. Its main business covers the rubber and plastics products for military, wind power, coal mining, petrochemical, rail transit and aerospace, special coating materials for weapons, high pressure hoses and etc.

110L Mixer Feeding System

After 3-year planning and 2-month commissioning, Jiangxi Running Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd.'s annual 10000-ton EPDM production line is successfully put into operation in Jiujiang Yongxiu plant. The 110L mixer feeding system is designed and manufactured by our company. 

This project is an important part of Running Sport Group's strategic integration planning in the national market. The new plant will provide high-quality materials for the sport site construction in Jiangxi, Hubei and Hunan.

80L Mixer Feeding System

One 80L mixer feeding system designed and manufactured for Henan Kewei Auto Fitting Co., Ltd. has been put into production in Oct 2014. 

Henan Kewei Auto Fitting Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Japanese joint company manufacturing rubber parts with Kinugawa Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd in 2012. 

As a famous enterprise in the field of auto parts in the world, Kinugawa Rubber mainly provides complete vehicle rubber parts, high-performance and high-quality sealing products and lightweight anti-vibration products for global customers of Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi Group.

35L Kneader Feeding System

Our 35L kneader feeding system starts applying to our National Navy factory.