Mixer Feeding System (3-Floor/4-Floor Workshop)

This system can meet the automatic conveying, storage, weighing and feeding of materials (powdery materials, oil and rubber) required in the rubber mixing production process. It can work with the mixers of different specifications from 80L to 650L. It mainly consists of carbon black/fillers storage, automatic weighing and feeding system; oil storage, automatic weighing and injection system; rubber weighing and feeding system; mixer dust collection system and automatic control system. The automatic control system combines the latest information technology with production management and rubber mixing process, and integrates the whole process control of rubber production, production plan management, materials management, and quality tracking management, truly realizing the integration of management and control. It plays an important role in enhancing management level, improving the rubber compound quality and maintaining the rubber compound stability.

Main Features

1. The control, monitoring and recording of the rubber mixing process can be remotely monitored and online supported. The management level can be improved.

2. Optimize the mixing by integrating and logic controlling the parameters such as time, temperature, energy, speed and pressure.

3. Open human-machine interface, multi-area display of system operation process, and easy to operate. Adopt fieldbus control mode, with good expansion property.


1. 4层厂房布置图-模型_00_副本.png