Automated Small Chemicals Weighing System

On the basis of absorbing the advanced technologies of various small chemicals batching systems at home and abroad, our company has developed this automated small chemicals weighing system with high efficiency and accuracy. It can automatically weigh and check all kinds of small chemicals (powdery, flaky and granular materials) required in production according to the set weights in the recipes and it is widely used in tyre, rubber and plastics products, chemical, friction materials, powder metallurgy, lithium batteries, ink printing and dyeing and other industries.

System Structure and Working Principle

This system consists of unloading buckets, storage bins, feeding devices, electronic scales, check scale, conveying roller table, weighing dust removal system and control system. The operator puts the plastic bags in the baskets, which automatically move on the conveying roller table, the turning roller table, the electronic scales and the check scale. When batching, the baskets are moved and positioned on each scale and the tare weight of the baskets is automatically deducted after they are positioned, and the feeding devices automatically feed the chemicals into the baskets according to the preset recipes. After the chemicals are weighed and verified by the check scale, the baskets automatically run on the conveying roller table and waiting for picking. The operator takes out the prepared plastic bags and places new ones. The system automatically starts a new cycle. (Users can also select automated bagging machine to replace manual bagging if required)

全自动小料称量系统 系统图-模型_00_副本.png